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Welcome to #WorkingWednesdays

#WorkingWednesdays is a concept built around connection, collaboration and community. We founded #WorkingWednesdays as 2 freelancers working in the community sector we soon become aware doing it alone was hard.

We started to connect on a weekly basis allowing us a creative, collaborative space to talk through ideas, set goals and hold each other accountable to achieving our best. If you haven’t guessed our weekly meet-up was on a Wednesday.

Word got around about our weekly meet-up, and we had new people join us, conversations, ideas and creativity began to flow. This small adventure began to grow and #WorkingWednesday was born and opened up to the wider community.

We now meet every Wednesday at the LCB Depot 10am – 12pm providing a collaborative working space to explore ideas, set goals and share skills.

We are so excited about the future for #WorkingWednesday and we hope to see you on a Wednesday!

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